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Island Pasta Company

Beetroot Fusilli

Beetroot Fusilli

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Pronunciation: bee-troot foo-ZEE-lee

We added a little twist (pun intended) to our Fusilli… Beetroot! 

Our Beetroot Fusilli is not only vegan, but also made without any food colouring or preservatives. Yes, this colour is all natural! 

Beetroot is rich in fibre and high in antioxidants, Fusilli is our childhood favourite. Great combo if you ask us. It is also a great addition to a veggie salad.

Once cooked it won’t lose any of its great taste but it will naturally lose some of its bright colour.

Our pasta is made with Australian-sourced durum wheat semolina flour.

Try: OMG - Beetroot Fusilli with Cacio e Pepe sauce and some lemon zest. Just be careful, this will make you addicted.

Cooking Time: 4 minutes (al dente)

Size: 500g

Serves: 4

Allergens: GLUTEN; produced in a facility that also processes dairy, eggs and nut.

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