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Pronunciation: 'tor-kee-EH-tee

Our vegan Torchietti, “little torches,” is a bell-shaped pasta and most often paired with Salsa Bolognese or sausage sauces. Due to its shape of the pasta, Torchietti holds the sauce extremely well.

Our pasta is made with Australian-sourced durum wheat semolina flour. We slowly dry our pasta at lower temperatures, which allows us to maintain all nutritional benefits, the colour of the grain and the fragrance of the flour. This is what makes our pasta so easy to digest.

Try: Torchietti & our Salsa Bolognese or Pesto alle Genovese with cubed boiled potatoes and green beans - the traditional Genovese way.

Cooking Time: 7 minutes (al dente)

Size: 500g

Serves: 4

Allergens: GLUTEN; produced in a facility that also processes dairy, eggs and nuts.

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